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Living Room

Nest Of Tables

From £350.00

Solid Hardwood.

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Internal Doors

From £170.00

Solid Hardwood. Price per door.

From £450.00

This counter was designed and made for a hairdressers shop.

Living Room

Entertainment Unit

From £395.00

finished in a high quality semi gloss lacquer.

Living Room

Black TV Cabinet

From £350.00

Doors & Top, finished in a high quality gloss Lacquer. Body eggshell latex.

From £1,350.00

This was an unusual request for us.

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Display Cabinet

From £450.00

This has become a nice conversation piece with Staff and family members.

From £350.00

This bookcase was designed primarily to sit behind a sofa, but can quite easily be placed anywhere.

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Balcony Bookcase

From £495.00

This unit was designed and made to replace a standard balcony rail.

From £380.00

This unit was designed to fit into a recess of a bathroom.

From £750.00

Modern Style Wardrobe.

From £150.00

This Price is for a Pair of cabinets